We unlock the potential of Augmented Reality for your business, cheaply and cheerfully.

Face and Hand Filters/Lenses – starting at $6,000

Distributing custom augmented reality applications is difficult, expensive and time consuming. Distribute your experiences at scale and reduce costs by creating lenses and filters which use Facebook, Instagram and Snap. Contact us to get your build going!

If you have ever beautified your face or gotten bunny ears on your face through your phone, then you know exactly how interactive face filters can be! Face Filters are a great example of applying an additional layer on the user’s face using the front camera.

Custom augmented reality applications

Augment your user’s everyday world through a window into another world with an AR portal. Portals are a great way of providing your users with a completely immersive experience in the form of a entirely new world they can enter and walk around, through the lens of their phones.

Rapid Prototyping

Our lean and cost-effective approach to prototyping helps you validate your product ideas quickly so you can demonstrate your vision with key stakeholders efficiently.

Business Consulting

Our business team has extensive experience in understanding the market landscape and core user experience challenges in the industry. We can help you strategize how AR solutions can make an impact on your business with data-backed insights.